No, nothing to do with fixing broken glass windows…

A fantastic program for repairing Windows 7/8/10 is:’s All-In-One Windows Repair

Download the installer or the portable which are about 36 MB.

It really can reset the operating system to its most effective levels.

Some important things to consider first:

  • It is not an Anti-Virus program – if you think you have malware etc. you should make sure to clean these off first.
  • Do a power reset first before you run Windows Repair.
  • Most parts of the repairs take some time.  You must be patient and let it do its thing.
  • Part of the repair includes Checkdisc.  This can take hours and may look like it’s stuck.  It isn’t, just be patient.
  • On some machines, the repairs can take all day/night so you can’t use the computer for anything else.
  • Sometimes you will get a blank screen for quite some time when it reboots.  Again, be patient.
  • The repairs must be run in Safe Mode.  An option on the program allows you to boot into Safe Mode.
  • It’s a good idea to create a System Restore beforehand, although this is an option in the program also.
  • Follow the instructions carefully and you won’t go wrong.

When it’s finally done all the repairs your computer should be running at its most efficient.

You can also stop services such as Windows Search and Superfetch to speed up your computer even more.

More info here:,2911-6.html


Loads of info on YouTube about Windows Repair:



Sparkie takes no responsibility if you mess it up by not following the instructions above.

He’s a cat anyway so good luck with that…


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