Download Media

A few really useful websites for downloading many types of media and/or converting them into JPG, PNG, GIF and MP4 etc.

Click images for links

For all types of image download and conversion.

Mainly for YouTube & Facebook videos but also works for some other websites.

Download videos from almost any website.


Any questions let me know….


Image Linking

Sometimes it’s not possible to embed a video because the owner has disabled this process – usually for copyright reasons.

You may get an error message like this on your website post:

A way around this is to get a screen-cap of the video and then save that as an image.

It can take some patience to get the exact frame that you want..!

Then put the image onto your post instead of the embed code.

Just link the image to the URL of the video or the page it is from.

Be sure to ‘Open link in a new tab’ and resize the image to a suitable size.

640×480 pixels is usually enough.

More info on this ’embedded’ video and in the links below that.


How to Link an Image to Any URL in WordPress

How to Add Custom Links to Gallery Images in WordPress

Embedding a Video, Image or Other Content

WordPress: How to link images to files or URLs


Over the Edge

After the huge Windows Update last week and finally thinking the laptop was okay….

Yesterday got another ‘important’ update to be downloaded.

Thinking it was essential, said yes, but realised it was M~soft Edge trying to install itself.

Had to let it go on for a while – too critical to stop it halfway.  Serious update.

Don’t want it AT ALL – it tracks everywhere you go.  So before it could install, stopped it on the ‘accept and install’ and used a very ‘special’ uninstall program to clean it off.  That worked fine even though many websites said M~E was impossible to get rid of.

After checking the system with several scans it seems to have gone.  Won’t be coming back again hopefully.

What was that ‘special‘ program that got rid of it?

Ah, that would be telling now, wouldn’t it…!

I am not a number, I am a free cat…!

Windows Repair

No, nothing to do with fixing broken glass windows…

A fantastic program for repairing Windows 7/8/10 is:’s All-In-One Windows Repair

Download the installer or the portable which are about 36 MB.

It really can reset the operating system to its most effective levels.

Some important things to consider first:

  • It is not an Anti-Virus program – if you think you have malware etc. you should make sure to clean these off first.
  • Do a power reset first before you run Windows Repair.
  • Most parts of the repairs take some time.  You must be patient and let it do its thing.
  • Part of the repair includes Checkdisc.  This can take hours and may look like it’s stuck.  It isn’t, just be patient.
  • On some machines, the repairs can take all day/night so you can’t use the computer for anything else.
  • Sometimes you will get a blank screen for quite some time when it reboots.  Again, be patient.
  • The repairs must be run in Safe Mode.  An option on the program allows you to boot into Safe Mode.
  • It’s a good idea to create a System Restore beforehand, although this is an option in the program also.
  • Follow the instructions carefully and you won’t go wrong.

When it’s finally done all the repairs your computer should be running at its most efficient.

You can also stop services such as Windows Search and Superfetch to speed up your computer even more.

More info here:,2911-6.html


Loads of info on YouTube about Windows Repair:



Sparkie takes no responsibility if you mess it up by not following the instructions above.

He’s a cat anyway so good luck with that…